Shipping Information

  1. You can place an order directly from our website or you can order online by messaging us on WhatsApp at +91 6382147595 or send a message on Facebook/ Instagram.

Shipping Information -International Orders

  1. For International orders, the time of delivery varies with each country and their import and customs regulation. The average delivery time is 20-30 Business working days. If the shipping is via UPS, the average delivery time is 7-15 Business working days. P.S Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not considered as Working days. 
  2. For International orders, The Amethyst Store is not liable in case of delay in customs clearance process, delay in logistics due to flight unavailability at logistics end or any other unforeseen circumstances.


    We provide free shipping for orders valued above 50,000 INR for Regular Shipment.
    Friends and family members can club together and place a single bulk order to avail of this benefit.


    For international shipping, a standard charge of 3,500 INR for an order value below 50,000 INR depending on the country, payment mode order value, and import customs regulations. We provide free shipping for order values above 50,000 INR. Friends and family members can club together and place a single bulk order to avail of this benefit.

    The free shipment mode is applicable only for Regular Shipments.

  4. If the international shipping is via UPS, a standard charge of 7,000 INR is applied for all order value. Ups shipping is priority shipping.
  5. Note: Import Duties and taxes will be applicable as per your country's regulations and are to be borne by the customer.
  6. All International shipments are packed after quality check by Customs official in India, and is packed under live supervision of customs department. The consignment will be inspected, scanned and checked for jewellery using X-ray and signed by the Customs department of India.
  7. International orders cannot be cancelled under any circumstance. 


Shipping Information - India 
  1. Estimated time of delivery depends on the address and the mode of payment. Average delivery time is 20 to 30 business working days if the product is readily available.  
  2. Shipping across India is free.
  3. Items ordered together may not always be shipped together. The products will be shipped according to the product availability and its warehouse location.

    General Information


    1. Any sold out product (Made on Order), if it can be manufactured again it will take 45-55 Business working days of additional manufacturing time. The delivery can be done only after the product is manufactured and is ready to be dispatched.  
    2. Any custom design product will take 45-60 days to manufacture. so the delivery can be done only when the product is ready to be dispatched.