The Amethyst Store is the brainchild of three siblings–Srinithi, Sweatha and Shricharran, the fourth generation of the Sri Vasavi Thangamaligai family. Hailing from this family of well-renowned gold and diamond designers in South India, the founders of The Amethyst Store have established a unique identity for themselves in the field of silver jewellery designing.

At The Amethyst Store, we identify quality, artistry, and creativity as paramount. Each product is designed and crafted with utmost precision and care, as good jewellery resonate the spirit of elegance, and style.

Starting out with ten self-designed and handcrafted jewellery in 2018, Sweatha, Shricharran, and Srinithi Ravi, analyzed the elegant and bold finish of jewellery on the Silver base. This led them to create a powerful fashion statement with our carefully selected, self-designed and self-crafted masterpieces. This led to the Launch of the Product line 'The Amethyst Store' inside Sri Vasavi Thangamaaligai.

Each product in The Amethyst Store have a story of their own, curated with a passion for art and elegance.

We invite you to explore our world of aesthetics and the beauty of our jewellery.



Note from the Founders:

Being the fourth generation of jewellery designers in our family, understanding jewellery and crafting techniques were a part of our education. Most of our childhood vacations were majorly spent at the jewellery stores and manufacturing units, observing the workers spend hours on crafting, polishing and artfully weaving a design on a simple plain sheet of metal.

On paper, The Amethyst Store is very young, established Sub Brand from the House of Sri Vasavi Thanga Maaligai, Dindigul. But the genesis of the idea to develop our own jewellery and establish this brand has been with us since our childhood, when we shared our ideas of art and jewellery with our parents and grandparents. We enjoyed styling ourselves and frequently gave recommendations that led us to design our own masterpieces and bring them to the world.

Starting off with ten self-designed and self-crafted silver jewellery by Srinithi, we were amazed at the amount of attention it received. We took to building our own team of artisans (karigars) by traveling to different parts of India, identifying the finest of talents.

Today, we are proud to state that not only have we created a distinctive identity for ourselves, but The Amethyst Store is also preferred and appreciated by many for our one of a kind designs, the fine craftsmanship and its purity.

The presence of The Amethyst Store has grown within these three years, with customers buying our products from around the world. The Store currently is set up in Sri Vasavi Dindigul, Madurai, online (visit us @theamethyststore on Facebook and Instagram), and year round exhibitions (bringing our jewellery to your cities)! Visit our Flagship store at Chennai (Buva house, KNK road, Nungambakkam).

Achieving our ten year goal plan within just these three years, our brand has also introduced five new ingeniously designed products that were never before initiated in India. With over 15000+ products and more than two lakh customers, we have been recipients of several prominent awards with the exceptional support from our customers!

We hope you enjoy our jewellery and celebrate its beauty just like our customers, friends, and family! Do let us know how you like them. :)

Lots of love to you all,
Sweatha, Shri Charran, Srinithi Ravi
From The Amethyst Store.




Srinithi Ravi is the fourth generation of the Sri Vasavi family, upholding the tradition and aesthetics of fine jewellery designing. A Commerce graduate from MOP Vaishnav College in Chennai, Srinithi followed her passion for art and designing that led her pursue a diploma in ‘Jewellery Designing and Manufacturing’ at Solitaire Diamond Institute, Bangalore.

Connecting with her customers and her team, Srinithi has always enjoyed interacting with people and developing jewellery for the contemporary Indian woman. Her love for art and her enthusiasm to connect with everyone around her led her to establish The Amethyst Store.

Srinithi is described as a kind, cheerful and a creative person with an excellent sense of fashion. She believes in providing her customers with well-crafted and quality jewellery that stands apart from every other designs and metals. For this very reason, she travelled across India to build her own team of artisans, selecting the best to engrave and bring her designs to life on the silver base.

The Amethyst Store is Srinithi’s self-established platform that she fondly refers to as her child. Each product at The Amethyst Store is Srinithi’s love towards art and craftsmanship.



Shri Charran realized the marvel of silver jewellery during his postgraduation at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai, where he engaged in frequent discussions with his professors on the field of jewellery business.

While pursuing Family Managed Business program at SPJIMR, Shricharran's debate with one of his professors enabled him to broaden his perspectives on the fashion statement and desirability created by silver jewellery over gold and diamond jewellery.

With a newer outlook, today, he serves as the driving force behind all the major achievements of The Amethyst Store. His eye for data & strategy gives him the power to enhance brand awareness & discoverability across various social platforms. Shri Charran loves adapting technology & best practices of retail into the business for seamless Growth and operation.

With his strong expertise and experience in marketing and management, Shricharran creates opportunities for The Amethyst Store brand through collaborations and market research. Simultaneously, he gains the guidance working at Sri Vasavi Thangamaligai and brings modern perspectives while understanding the needs of the customers.



A mother of two little girls, Sweatha defines warmth and affection at The Amethyst Store.

Sweatha believes that trust is the most important factor in building a strong and long lasting relationship with the customers. At The Amethyst Store, she looks forward to connecting with the customers and the team, to discuss the products and understand their needs, simultaneously assisting Srinithi in the designing process.

With the aim of contributing towards the growth of The Amethyst Store and developing continuous relationship with customers, Sweatha gleams with pride at the achievements of her sister, Srinithi Ravi: “Srinithi has dedicated a lot towards establishing The Amethyst Store. In the future, when people think of silver jewellery, The Amethyst Store should be the first name that would pop up in their minds. That’s how best I would want the brand to be and I know that Srinithi would reach for these stars!”



Its a jewellery line that's very dear and close to my heart. I did wear it for my brother's wedding reception and boy did i love it. And definitely made heads turn. Wearing Amethyst jewellery makes me feel more than just a princess. It makes me feel my best self. The jewellery makes me feel my most confident and beautiful and stronger for myself. Makes me feel complete as it completes my look. The unique designs and care that goes into making each jewellery is so overwhelming. Its a jewellery line that's so very special and makes YOU feel so special with no doubts.

Varshini Loganathan

Literally every piece of your collection is pretty. The style, the colours, the exquisite beauty... it's wonderful. Every piece has a different, unique design which is perfect for all kinds of different occasions, from normal outings to festivals or weddings. They're like a blend of Indian and Western style to bring out the best!!! Definitely perfect for every girl ❤️


Was amazed by their collections and the wonderful service provided by the staff. They helped us find what we were looking for.

Anisha Rahana

Nice products and good quality and variety of designs❤️❤️❤️

Jegadish M